JF Draf was conceived through the partnership between a group of professionals and a respected family with proven success in diversified businesses, who both believed that helping lower the cost of healthcare in the country is the best legacy they can give to our generation, thus, every company decision was anchored on the mission of providing affordable, highly effective and quality medicines to people who most need them.

JF Draf Pharmaceuticals Corporation was established by the virtue of Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) on July 17, 2003.  The company acquires License to Operate (LTO) from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as importer and marketer/ distributor bringing quality products from companies in Europe and Asian region with CGMP certification as proof of practicing global standards in manufacturing pharmaceutical products.


JF Draf is dedicated to patient wellness, satisfying our clients’ need for quality affordable products while establishing a trustworthy life-long relationships with our stakeholders.

Being an entrepreneurial company in nature, we are open for product and business opportunities may it be related to our area of specialization or new promising opportunities. Let us talk and mutually find more about business development with JF Draf.


"A Legacy to a Healthier Society"

We aim to be an excellent and admirable pharmaceutical partner in the industries 
and improve its expertise in the Neuropsychiatric segment.

To contribute in enriching the quality of life by continually introducing high quality medicines 
that comply with regulatory standards, providing cost-effective medicines and healthcare products
reaching the grass root of the society.

To grow its business in a highly competitive and challenging technical and regulatory market, 
creating value for healthcare providers, to our stakeholders and to our employees.

To ensure continued success of the business by preparing and training the next generation 
of management and to be able to leave a legacy to the generation that JF Draf 
helped in providing affordable healthcare products in the Philippines.


Integrity and Compliance

We perform high ethical standards to act and protect regulations and compliance

required for a quality drug product.

We are committed to practice a culture of integrity to meet its responsibilities to stakeholders.


We are committed to provide safe and effective products for the well being of patients and 

to provide reliable information.

People as One

Our people are the core of our success, respect to one another, by working together more effectively, 

in close collaboration and alignment, we tap into our full potential and drive our success.

Performance and Accountability

We are focused in everything we do. We define clear objectives and focus our efforts, attention and 

energy to deliver. We do what we say and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and results.

Partnership and Trust

We strive for trust-based relationships with our partners, our clients, our stakeholders, our employees 

and everyone else surround us.


The area of operation is in Metro Manila area and pinpointed Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao territories, although the products are already available in selected key cities nationwide. A focused team of Medical Representatives, Supervisors and Associate Product Group Manager to ensure optimum coverage of doctors, drugstores and selected hospitals. This team is further complemented by the sales force of our domestic distributors.


Work With Us

Every individual at JF Draf plays an important part in our collective success, and we are always looking to add dedicated individual to our team....

We invite you to explore the opportunities available 
with JF Draf!

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JFDraf Pharmaceuticals
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